ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD) shifted 2.7 billion pounds of cargo in 2021, a rising number that is producing success for companies in that area.

One of those companies is Emery Air, based out of Rockford. The company expanded its air cargo storage capacity, with a new warehouse at RFD.

The company works with multibillion-dollar corporations like Amazon and UPS for both ground services and storage. Since expanding, Emery has gone from around 70 workers to more than 250.

“Rockford is a gateway to both Asia and Europe, and it’s really exciting to see how we’re gonna continue to grow that,” said Emery CEO David Lefkowitz.

Adam Wold started with Emery in the ‘90s and says the company always wanted to handle cargo. With the airport expanding, it got its chance to show what it can do.

“With e-commerce exploding in the last 8 years, amazon obviously moving in, the airport and emery have felt comfortable investing in infrastructure to better support the airport,” he told 23 News.

However, Wold says the airport must adapt to keep up with demand.

“Not only on the airport but off the airport warehousing is also gonna be crucial for our future so that’s why we’ve acquired additional warehousing to be better prepared when that demand is needed.”

With holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Hannukah around the corner, Emery and the whole of RFD will be expecting to break more cargo records, and cater to more customers.

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